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Notice of Annual General Meeting for Buderim United Churches Soccer Club.

We are holding our AGM on Monday night 25th March 2019 @ 7:00pm, to be held at our Buderim United Club House. Depending on availability we may utilise the netball building for the meeting like last year.

All committee positions need to be filled, many existing committee members are willing to continuing for 2019. It is vital that we have new people joining the committee to keep the club strong, bringing new ideas, and share the work load. Committee positions are entirely on a volunteer basis, and we have job descriptions available.

 These roles are a lot of fun and we have a really good team ethic at the club.

  • Executive Positions are: Secretary, President, Vice President, Treasurer and Registrar.

  •  Non-Executive Positions are: Canteen, Equipment, Coaching Director, Grounds, Media, Grants Officer and General Committee.

If you are a parent at the club, please consider giving back a little to the community and volunteer for a position. Positions are job specific and some only require a little of your 'spare' time. Remember current committee are parents at the club too and have busy lives already like everyone else. If you are interested in joining the committee in whoever capacity for 2019, please contact a current committee member, or email your interest to admin@buderimunitedfc.com, and most importantly, attend the AGM. Helping out one of the committee members, can do a lot to spread the load.

It will only be a short meeting but is vital for the club moving forward.

Looking forward to seeing some new faces at the AGM on 25th March.

Yours in football, Buderim United 2018 and 2019 Committee members!