BUSC ByLaw #1 “Pay before you Play”

Payment is a mandatory requirement before ANY player can play a game or even train. Payment includes registration and insurances as well as the provision of match equipment, etc.

Payment provides the player insurance in case of any injury to person including a 3rd party.

No player is able to train or play matches until full registration and payment has been received. Definition of Payment Received: Direct Deposit monies must be paid in full and cleared into Buderim United Soccer Club’s account a minimum of 48 hours prior to play.

Last minute registrations/payments, full credit card payment through SCCSA Registration Portal only or full cash payment may be made to a BUSC Executive Committee member (President, Secretary, Treasurer or Registrar) prior to play. Remittance of Direct Debit is not acceptable for last minute registration/payment.

*Cases of exceptional circumstances due to financial hardship are to be submitted and approved by the BUSC Executive Committee, submission to president@buderimunitedfc.com

This ByLaw was passed by the Executive Committee on 13th December 2020 and will be in place for the next 12 months.  This will then be submitted by application to have this added to BUSC’s Constitution. 

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